Lustre Embellishment Explained In Detail

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Embellished Lustre Liquid Art In Detail - 

Liquid Art is a style of wall art, created using shimmering liquid acrylic, and in some cases, individual crystals.  

The process starts with the artwork itself being printed directly onto our premium acrylic safety glass, this is non breakable and light weight, ensuring safe and easy hanging., and gives a better, look, and finish than standard glass.   The majority of our liquid art range start off life as a stunning piece of photography, which is then printed directly onto the safety glass, giving it a  high definition, super sharp image, and if you choose the non embellished option,  a frame of your choice will be added, and this is where the process ends, if however you choose liquid embellishment, our artist will apply shimmering liquid acrylic which has a glitter running through it,  on top of the safety glass, following the design of the photography,  and in most cases, individual crystals will also be applied to areas of the artwork.  The liquid acrylic is applied to areas of the image by our artists using brush strokes,  the liquid art is then left to dry, before being framed.

Each piece is hand embellished  to enhance the detail and give a stunning 3D effect, creating a truly radiant, luminous piece of artwork for your wall.  Each piece comes framed, and ready to hang.  Due to the vast range we have, we can't show embellishment on every piece, they are all bespoke made to order, so,  on tis page, we are showing you some examples of what the final piece looks like with and without the embellishment.

Lustre Liquid Art is a clear liquid resin with a silver glitter running through it, Deluxe Lustre Liquid Art is a mixture of coloured and silver resins.


There is only an option for No Embellishment, Plain Glass on Lustre Liquid Art.


Embellished Deluxe Lustre Liquid Art In Detail - 


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